Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crazy e-mail

I just got another one of those crazy e-mails. This one is informing me of the comments that Anne Graham (Billy Graham's daughter) is supposed to have made about hurricane Katrina (I remember seeing the same e-mail before, but it was 9/11 as the subject). What struck me most was very close to the beginning.

After being questioned about what she thought about what god thought about the tragedy of hurricane Katrina, she supposedly said, "I believe god is deeply saddened by this, just as we are..." and then goes on to mention how we have kicked him out of schools and public places, etc. and adds, "...and being the gentleman he is, I believe he has calmly backed out..."

How can anyone claiming to be a christian read such ignorance and stupidity and not immediately begin to question their "faith"?

If there were a god, such as the one described in the bible, he would be directly responsible for the damned hurricane to begin with. Given that, he would be laughing at the outcome because everything he does, he does for his own pleasure. And using the term "gentleman" to define an entity who has been given credit for the senseless slaughter of millions of innocent people, and would have you stone to death any of your children who may have disobeyed you or talked back to you -- well, that's just absurd.

Do you get crazy e-mails like this?